Pet Visits (Cat)                                   Janne                       September 2016

I recently had a week-long work trip and I was concerned about how my 11 year old cat Bella was going to cope on her own.  I briefly considered sending her to a boarding facility but she is quite an anxious and timid cat and the didn't sit well with me.  I then found Tracy's website and decided to give them a try.

I am so pleased that I did.  Janne spent 30 minutes with Bella every day,and although Bella was quite tentative the first few days, she quickly became more confident and comfortable.  Janne's company (combined with twice daily visits from my neighbour) meant that Bella was perfectly happy and stress-free by the time I returned!

Janne's daily updates via SMS helped me to relax after a few days too.  I will definitely use Tracy's Pet Services again!


Pet Visits (Cat)                                   Janne                        October 2015

We were very nervous about leaving our baby Jazzie for a few weeks as we'd never been apart for more than a few days, but Janne at Tracy's Pet Services was fantastic!

Our cat loved her straight away, and the text updates we received on how she was going really put us at ease.

We will definitely be using Tracy's Pet Services next time we go away!

Kate H

Regular Dog Walking                       Janne                and Pet Sitting                      Norman                 August 2015

I have 2 large basset hounds who like to do their own thing.  I want to say a big thank you to Janne who walks them once a week.  The Bassets adore her.  "It's Janne's day," I tell them.  As soon as they hear her car, they rush around the fence to greet her.

The Bassets also recently enjoyed the services of Norman who slept over and kept the Bassets company.  The Bassets like Norman too.  He is very relaxed with the hounds, which suited them just fine, snoring and farting on a rug in front of the gas fire.

So a big thank you to Tracy's Pet Services.

Kate S

Home Pet Visits with Walk included and Day Boarding               Elizabeth May 2015

Elizabeth has been regularly walking our dog for the past two years.She's friendly, reliable and wholly trustworthy.  Above all, Elizabeth is a great companion to our beloved pet dog who loves her.  We receive daily texts of their activities and any mischief he may have been up to, that makes us laugh!

We wouldn't hesitate in recommending Elizabeth.

Catherine, Glyn and Quigley of course!


Regular Dog Walking                     Elizabeth May 2015

When Elizabeth arrives our little dogs light up.  They love her and they love their walks.

We have rescue dogs with injuries and Elizabeth understand how much they want to do and works within their limitations and energy levels which change daily.  If one of them is not well enough to walk, she will carry them on their normal route and stop at trees for therm to sniff and gives them the cuddles they demand from her.

She is fabulous with doggy body language and I rely on her advice.  She picks up any health problem - often before we do.

If we are not home it is wonderful to have her texts describing how each dog is going and knowing that they have one of their favourite family members at home with them.


Regular Dog Walking and Pet Home Boarding      Elizabeth May 2015

Elizabeth from Tracy's Pet Services walks Floyd our 4 year old Whippet each week and looks after Floyd overnight when we have to go away from home.  We have been so happy with Elizabeth's work that we have continued using Tracy's Pet Services since first approaching them two and a half hear's ago.  Elizabeth's approach to care is simple, Floyd is part of the family.  This means if Floyd is going to Elizabeth's house for the night or Elizabeth is minding Floyd in our home, Elizabeth wants to understand Floyd's normal routine.  Floyd being a Whippet can be at times sensitive to change, with Elizabeth's approach to care Floyd's routine is maintained and as part of her family he receives her love and attention so he is always happy to stay with her.  Elizabeth is also very accommodating to our needs  by providing regular updates on Floyd when he is in her care.  Even after Floyd's weekly walk, Elizabeth will let me know all is fine and Floyd is back home.  To Floyd, Elizabeth is part of the pack, so much so that when Floyd catches Elizabeth walking the neighbour's dog Hugo, Floyd howls and howls for her attention.

Elizabeth provides Floyd with the same level of care as we do.  It was the best move we made responding to a leaflet drop for Tracy's Pet Services.  We wouldn't use any other and higly recommend you to try.


Regular Dog Walking                                                    Debbie May 2015

Oh Debbie - you saved my life! ...I was so reticent to leave someone I didn't know with a key to my home.  I knew the security checks had been done but that was not sufficient to give me peace of mind really.  In a few moments of my dog, cross Maltese Cavalier, meeting you, seeing his tail wagging happily, I knew we were onto a good thing.  The surgery took me out of action and the recovery period lasted longer than anticipated.  I was so relieved to be able to rely up on you.  The note left saying you had called and serving as a reminder when next you are due is thoughtful and practical.  I have no hesitation recommending you!!!!

X Cecily

Pet Visits  with a Half Hour Walk included           Debbie May 2015

The care that my dog receives from Debbie is always excellent.  My dog enjoys his walks and play time and I am happy knowing he is well looked after.


Pet Visits with a Half Hour Walk included        Debbie May 2015

Thank you Debbie so much for the great care you took of Daisy.  She was excited to see us and seems to have coped very well.  Thank you also for your text messages and the note - it was nice to hear that Daisy was eating and was well behaved.  I will definitely use your services again.


Regular Dog Walking         Debbie May 2015

Walks with Deb are the high point of my pet German Shepherd's day.  She loves Deb coming and always has a great time.  This is a big help to me when I am at work as it's a long day for my German Shepherd at home by herself.  Deb is always reliable and does the exras like making sure there is plenty of water and playing with Joey in her pond in the summer.


Regular Cat Visits          Debbie  May 2015

Debbie visited my cat Mushroom serveral times and I was really happy with the service provided.  Her visits included food and some play time, which broke upo his days at home alone.  Debbie was professional at all times and communicated regularly about her visits - I particularly enjoyed receiving text message photos of him doing catty things! I highly recommend Debbie and Tracy's Pet Services.


Regular Dog Walking         Debbie May 2015

I would thoroughly recommend Tracy's Pet Services, nothing is too much trouble for my walker Debbie.  My Shepherd Harry always enjoys his walks with her and when I'm interstate I trust that she will feed and care for him.  He even received his own birthday present and card from Debbie.  Great service!


Pet  Visits   Janne May 2015

Thanks to Janne and her excellent daily care for our (very skittish) cat Milly we had a worry-free holiday knowing our dear old moggy would not have to be traumatized by boarding in a cattery.

We came home to a healthy, happy cat and a garden which survived the extreme hot weather because Janne kindly watered it for us.

It was reassuring to be kept up to date by Janne and we'll be relying on her wonderful services again and again.

Ros Draper

Pet Home Visits 3 per day   Julita April 2015

I am delighted with the quality of service provided for my two dogs by Julita, when I was interstate for four days.  She provided my dogs with a very high level of care and they were very calm when I arrived home.  She took comprehensive notes regardinhg their daily routine and provided me with an update on my return.  Her diligence and caring attitude is amazing!

I will be having another break in the New Year and hopefully Julita will be available!

Thanks very much for that!


Pet Sitting        Norman/Teresa  April 2015

My wife and I decided on a long overdue holiday to Vanuatu for 8 nights.  Having 2 very spoilt and attached, mid sized Australian working dogs, we weren't all that keen about leaving them and procrastinated looking for a suitable care arrangement.  We inspected 2 well respected kennels and were taken aback by how small the concrete boxes our two dogs were to be kept in and allowed out in a small area 1 hour a day!  The noise of other dogs barking and the prison like feel was not something I was going to subject my dogs to.  Given that both our dogs enjoys a 200 square meter backyard and sleep inside on the bed as they like, I was prepared to cancel the 5 star holiday if I couldn't find something better than the kennels we had seen.

After searching on line and a phone call to Janne, a meeting was set up with her and Norm in which they came to our house (30 minute drive for Norm!).  Long story short, we went on a fantastic holiday in the knowledge that Norm (an easy going retired Yorkshireman), would stay overnight, every night from 4pm to 9am and ensure that dogs routine was unchanged.

 The day before we were due to fly back home Virgin cancelled our flight and delayed us a day.  Norm had other commitments but kindly agreed to stay another night, to help us out and Janne got involved with an afternoon visit, to make sure all was well.

 We got home, dogs were happy, house was tidy and life went on as normal.  Coincidentally, while we were away the recent hills fire sadly destroyed a local kennel and some of its inhabitants.  We knew of this at the time on holiday and were very relieved that we chose to have Tracy's house sitting service.

 If you're in doubt, we strongly recommend the overnight service.  Norm and his wife Teresa did a great job with no fuss.  Would use this service again, although I expect it would pay to get in early.  Norm and Teresa are in demand.

Damon and Sarah

Pet Sitting         Janne

We arrived home safely last night and we were greeted by a very happy and excited Harvey.  He was obviously happy to see his family again, fit and well, unlike the times we picked him up from boarding kennels.  He kept his weight and it was very reassuring to know that he was being cared for in his own environment, it is the best solution for the times we are away from him.  Thank you so much for caring for Harvey,  Janne and minding the house while we were away, it takes away a lot of the worries with taking holidays and allowed us to relax and enjoy ourselves.
Thanks again and Harvey looks forward to seeing you again in July.
Sue Lodge

Pet Home Boarding 1 day      Julita
Pick Up from Julita’s to take Bond & Monica Home       Janne then Pet Visits (2 per day) with Walk included each visit for 10 days 

We were looking for a well recommended company who would look after our dog’s while we we’re away on our holidays. The long list of testimonials on Tracy's pet service web site from happy pet owners really stood out from all the other competitors.

Prior to the start of our holiday we had short notice of an inspection of our rented property, we needed to ask for another booking from Tracy’s pet service and everything was arranged in such a short notice and we had the pleasure of meeting Julita who was able to look after our dog’s for a night, we can’t thank Julita enough for looking after our dogs which allowed us to have a relaxed day before our departure and allowed our inspection to go ahead without any issues. Julita sent us an SMS letting us know that our dogs were settling well with her and this was very nice of her and put our minds at rest.

The following day Janne collected our doggies and returned them home and from that moment on she walked them twice a day, she also made sure they had clean water & food and collected our mail during the time we we’re away, again this gave us great peace of mind knowing we had this wonderful service.  Janne also put the rubbish bins out and brought them in during the two weeks of our holidays.

Janne also spent some cuddle time after each afternoon walk with Bond and Monica on the couch in our living room. We received regular updates from Janne via email and we knew our dogs were in very good hands.

We highly recommend Tracy’s pet service to anyone reading this and we will definitely be using Tracy's pet service again in the future, the overall professional service really makes things easier for not just us the pet owners but the most importantly the PETS too.

Kateryna and Steve Kenyon

Pet Home Boarding       Julita

Thank you so much for taking care of our beautiful girl. The biggest consideration when bringing Dusty into our family was ensuring that we had good care for her when we went away.

We all felt nervous the first time we left her as she was so young (12 weeks). We were so grateful you were prepared to take on such a young puppy for us. Your text message the first night put our minds at ease as Dusty was clearly getting the best care possible.

When we returned, she was happy and not at all distressed. Obviously our next trip away was easy because we knew she would be fine. When we arrived at your house she was happy and ran around as though she owned the house. Again, the text from you was reassuring and we didn't worry about her at all.

Very soon we will be heading away for a week. We did consider taking her but we felt that she would be far happier and less distressed being with you, in a familiar environment. We will also have a more relaxed time knowing how well she is being looked after.

We joke that it is as much of a holiday for her as it is for us when we go away. We have visions of her lounging about, feet up being completely pampered!

So, thank you once again. The care you provide for our girl gives us such peace of mind. • Kindest regards

The Ward Family (Dusty)


Pet Home Boarding      Julita

Holidays were always difficult until I discovered Tracy's Pet Care.
From the first phone call I felt that I had found what I was looking for. After visiting Julita in her home prior to our booking I was impressed with the level of care that they would receive.
The personal care that my two dogs received with Julita was just like home and on each occasion they came back happy and content.
I loved reading Julita's updates via mobile messaging which helped ease my mind that they would be ok.
Now I know when I go on holidays my two dogs have a holiday too.


Pet Sitting      Janne and Elizabeth

We were so thrilled when Janne agreed to organize home sitting with our menagerie of four large dogs and three spoilt cats. Janne's attention to detail in planning to split the seven days between her and Elizabeth was faultless so we left for a relaxing holiday confident all would be well. I don't think our animals missed us at all they were so well cared for as was our rather challenging house. Loved the evening messages to keep us in touch. Thank you and I will not hesitate to book again and have been happily recommending their services to my friends.

Hazel and Will


Pet Sitting      Janne

We have used Tracy's Pet Sitting Services several times for around 8 months since we moved to Adelaide and have found them to be reliable, friendly and caring for our two indoor Siberian Husky dogs.

Our older dog is 14 years old now and needs special care and attention with medications being given several times a day and being a fussy eater the team have been happy to deal with this. Our younger dog can be a little highly strung and yet Janne manages her well and keeps them secure and safe.

Taking care of huskies can be a little more challenging than other dogs as they must be kept on leash when being walked and kept secure at all times within the house boundaries because if they escape they will keep running and running.

So as I said above Janne and the team keep them secure and safe and I would recommend their services.



Pet Home Boarding       Julita

I recently had an overseas trip to see family and felt concerned about  what to do with my much loved Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Louie, while  I was away.   I contacted Janne at Tracey's Pet Services and she put me in  touch with Julita who looks after dogs in her own home.  This was just  what I was looking for, and I couldn't have been happier with the care and  attention Louie received during his stay with Julita.  Louie had a wonderful time, he went on beautiful woodland walks and had fun playing  with his toys in Julita's house and garden. When I picked Louie up at the  end of his stay, he was a happy and contented boy! He had obviously bonded  well with Julita who has a lovely way with the dogs.  I would highly recommend this service to anyone looking for great care in a lovely home  for their dog while they are away.  I was able to enjoy my holiday with family knowing that Louie was being well cared for.

Jan Alcock

Pet Home Boarding      Julita

I have used Tracey's Pet Service twice now and highly recommend the service. It is a very professionally run service with numerous options to suit any dog. I was invited to meet the carer at her house and felt very comfortable with that. Ned has lived in with the same carer twice now first time for 10 days and second time for four days. Ned was obviously very well cared for - didn't really want to come home! He seemed really happy when I collected him, looking at me through the front windows wagging his tail when I rang the door bell. His toys and cushion cover were washed on my returnalong with Ned looking very clean with a glossy coat too after the ten day visit.


Pet Visits          Julita

We happily recommend Tracey’s Pet Services. Janne recently introduced us to the lovely Julita who took care of our animal farm (two doggies and one smug cat) while we were away interstate. We had not used an in-home service before and after mixed results with other forms of pet minding, we were delighted with the outcome. All of our pets looked very content when we returned home, clearly they had been well fed and given a lot of attention. It was an added bonus that the yard was also immaculate and our herb garden was alive, too. Julita had taken care of everything. It is our experience that the staff of Tracy’s Pet Services are warm and conscientious people and we were able to take a guilt-free holiday in the knowledge that our pets were not missing out on the comforts of home.


Twice Weekly Dog Walking              Janne or Tracy

Now I have been delighted with the service Janne and Tracy have provided to my dear little cherubs Mischka and Claudia. Working long hours it is sometimes hard to find the time to walk my little dogs, and I would never want to deprive them of this need, so I was grateful to learn about what Janne and Tracy could offer at a very reasonable cost. Although a little worried about the whole experience at first, I was soon very comfortable with Janne. She was very relaxed, experienced, reassuring and always responding promptly to my calls and messages.

It was especially lovely to be informed how Mischka and Claudia enjoyed their walk via a little message whilst at work and to see their water bowl has been refilled up when I arrive home! I have full trust that both ladies take very good care of my little girls and I would highly recommend them to anyone interested. I know Mischka and Claudia look very forward to their walks with Janne and Tracy and I thank them dearly for the genuine care they provide.


 Care of 2 Pet Birds - a Parrot and a Cockatiel - Pick up from Airport, care for overnight and return to Airport       Janne

I would just like to say how fantastic Janne was when she helped us ou recently. Having relocated from remote WA to remote SA we also had to fly our precious birds across. Because there was no connecting flights it meant the birds had to overnight in Adelaide, I was devastated as we knew noone in Adelaide and if reliant on one of the pet transport companies my transfer of the birds was going up in cost by 5 times! A feverish internet search and I found Tracy's Pet Service and the wonderful Janne. A few false starts with airline bookings and permits and the birds were eventually scheduled to fly in. The whole way Janne was cooperative and willing to do everything she could to make this process easier for us. Eventually the day came and Janne travelled out to the airport to collect my birds for their overnight stay with her in Adelaide.. Unbeknownst to myself or Janne the birds had missed a connecting flight and at the time she was meant to be collecting them from Adelaide they were still in Perth! She very graciously travelled out to the Airport at 9:45pm at night to collect them on their next flight in. The whole time that Janne had my birds she kept in contact and gave us updates on how they were going. She topped up their water and made sure they had feed and then delivered them back to the airport the next afternoon for their final flight to us. Without the help of Janne at Tracy's Pet Service we would never have flown the birds over, we are so grateful that she provides such a fantastic specialised service.

We have no hesitation in recommending Janne and Tracy's Pet Service to look after our treasured pets.


Pet Sitting           Janne

If you’re looking at TRACY’S PET SERVICES web site, then it’s obvious you are a caring pet owner looking for help and you’ve certainly found the right place!! Recently my husband and I had the chance to spend a week in the sun – at the end of Adelaide’s miserable winter it seemed like a great idea – with one very important drawback. Our much-loved (and some might say spoilt, but they’d be wrong!) Maltese/Cavalier cross, Holly! Since moving to the city almost four years ago, we had not been separated from Holly for more than a few days, and even then, she had our son, his wife and their Golden Retriever as surrogate “parents”. This time we had to find an alternative and the thought of leaving Holly behind was beginning to spoil the thought of sunshine and beaches… until we found Janne and Tracy that is! This mother-and-daughter combination is the answer to any pet owners’ concerns! Weeks before the planned holiday they paid us a visit, mainly to meet Holly. Returning a few weeks later they reinforced the “friend” message when we all went walking together. We wanted someone to stay in our home, so Holly, by nature a timid dog, would not be worried. No problems. We had a list of “Holly’s likes and dislikes”. No problems. We left a list of “in emergency” phone numbers. Not necessary. Janne’s thoughtful text messages while we were away assured us we had made the right choice… Holly’s well-groomed and happy appearance on our return confirmed it. Should the occasion arise when we have to go away again without Holly we would have no hesitation to ask Janne and Tracy to step in. And acting on our recommendation our dog-owning friends are planning to do likewise! Holly suggests you do too… even if it’s a cat!! (or birds, or goldfish) this dog-loving duo are just what they say - a Pet Service with a lot more than a smile!



Pet Sitting            Janne

Thank you for looking after my 2 year old Staffy, Polly and 3 frogs while I was away for 8 days. The communication was fantastic and really put my mind at ease, especially since Polly has a rare condition which has affected her drinking response so she does not drink when she is thirsty. Hearing from you and knowing she was eating and getting water in her food enabled me to relax and enjoy my holiday. Having the pets cared for in their home environment was stress free both them and I. I will definitely be using your services every time I travel. All of the pets were healthy and happy when I returned and your services are second to none!!!! Thanks again Janne!!


Pet Visitis  twice daily             Janne

thankyou so much for looking after our cat Teddy during our recent trip to Malaysia. It's funny that our Teddy is 14 yrs old, and that this was the first decent holiday that we've had......well, in 14 years ! We have always had feelings of guilt to be going on holidays, leaving our boy 'in a cage somewhere'....which is why we havent been anywhere....until we spotted your 'in house' service. What an absolute relief ! Our holiday was so much more enjoyable knowing that Teddy was in a familiar environment, not fretting, and was kindly being looked after by yourselves. The SMS messages we got from you on his progress were certainly comforting.

When we got back, Teddy greeted us just like any other day, and he seemed to be his usual self.......which really was our main goal. We would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending your services, and we are excited at the prospect of going on more holidays in future knowing that Teddy will be expertly cared for, with minimal stress to him. Great job. Kind Regards

Scott & Jane


Pet Visits          Janne

Twice daily Have a large 'family' of pets - two large dogs, two active cats and a very vocal cockatiel. All received outstanding care for approx 1 week during December 09 - it was a very challenging time as it was an intermittent heat wave and the first time the 'humans' were away from the animals for any length of time We received txt message with the progress, and the courtyard of our city property was cleaned and maintained very well... in fact the dogs looked fatter than when we left.. Tracy thank you very much for your care and attention and also extra visits to squirt the dogs down when the days were very very hot Happy to act as a referree any time.

cheers L


Pet Visits          Janne and Tracy

Twice daily. Tracy’s Pet Services have been a great help to us. We found Tracy and Janne to be reliable and friendly, and our cats were in great condition when we returned home. Receiving updates via text was reassuring and they were happy to help with extra tasks. It’s also nice to know that someone’s keeping an eye on the house. We have found that our pets are much happier staying at home while we are away and we would have no hesitation in using Tracy’s Pet Services in the future.

Thanks Janne and Tracy!



Regular Dog Walking plus Pet Visit Care        Janne and Tracy

I would be happy to recommend Tracy's Pet Services for looking after your pet at home. I have found both Janne and Tracy professional to deal with and they looked after our dog Bindi well while we were away. We were kept in touch with news of Bindi as required and arrived home to find a happy dog.



Pet Visits Twice Daily     Janne and Tracy

We have been absolutely delighted with the care our aging dog Billie (Maltese X) and cat Snak have received from Tracy and Janne. Being relatively new to Adelaide it was a dliemma to know what to do when we have occasion to leave the animals to visit our children in various States throughout Australia, and unfortunately it is not always convenient to take the animals, of course. Since discovering the services of Tracy and Janne, they have made our decision to leave the animals so much easier, we have found them to be friendly, courteous, honest and above all great friends and surrogate "parents" to our little friends. They are very thorough in the details they require about the animals including veterinary details (including any veterinary care that may be required whilst we are away) and we find the fees to be reasonable. They are there for them in the mornings and in the evenings with their meals and fresh water, and Billy thoroughly enjoys his walk with them as he usually does with us. We are encouraged when we receive a text from Tracy to say that all is going well. Of course, the lovely home-made treats that Tracy and Janne produce always go down well with the pets too. And it is always nice to come home to a lovely "report card" on how well they have found the animals and the care that they gave. We would highly recommend Tracy's Pet Services for anyone who has the need for their little friend to be cared for "in style".

Mary and Des


Pet Visits Twice Daily     Janne and Tracy

Both Tracy and Janne really helped me out of a difficuilt time looking after my little Westie, Sam. I had had 2 operations on my back and wanted Sam home with me from boarding kennels although I was unable to care for him. It was a real weight off my mind knowing that Sam was taken care of twice a day with all those difficuilt `bending down` jobs (Sam needed foot and mouth and eye care at that time for various infections) and I could enjoy him during the day.There was also no rush to get up in the mornings if I needed the extra rest. Sam loved both of them and they related really well to him. Very flexible service at short notice. Thankyou to them both for aiding my recovery.



Pet Visits to feed 3 aviaries of Parrots      Janne or Tracy

We appreciated the sms whilst we were away giving me an update indicating that everything was fine with the birds. The birds seemed to be happy and well fed when we arrived home, so thank you for your personal care. I will definitely look at using your services when next we are going away.



Pet Visits with Walk       Janne and Tracy

We wanted to thank you for looking after Charlie and Toby a couple of weekends ago.

They were quite happy and I’m sure they appreciated your company and walks.

Thanks very much for the treats - the guys love them. We rationed them of course as Labradors are v. greedy!! It was a very nice touch!!

So thanks again and all the best to you and Janne.

Regards, Lynda and Ian


Pet Visits Twice a Day with Walk       Janne and Tracy

Tracy and Janne looked after my 8 month Border Terrier, Benny for the month of July while I was in Europe.

They fed him twice a day and walked him once a day. Nothing was too much trouble for either of them. They did everything from buy extra food for him to tidy up the pergola area where he sleeps so that when I came back everything was neat and tidy.

The reaction from Benny when he saw Tracy and Janne a few days after I came back was heartfelt for me. He loves them and they are very affectionate towards him.

I highly recommend their services to anyone who wants their pet looked after by two professional and caring people. I will be using their services everytime I go away.

I believe it's better for your pet to be in their own environment than in a boarding kennel.


Pet Visit for Dog and Cat with walk included for dog        Janne and Tracy

Many thanks for your services in looking after our dog Millie and our cat Jerry for the seven days we were away on holidays. It was reassuring to get your sms on the first day to let us know everything was ok. Having not left Millie on her own before we were a bit concerned, but judging from her buoyant manner when we arrived home she had been well cared for.

I'm sure that if she could talk she would speak highly of you! I know she would say she enjoyed her regular walks as we often don't get time to take her when we're home.

We would have no hesitation in using Tracy's Pet Services again and would recommend you to anyone looking for a pet sitter.

Thanks once again,

Lyn and Gary