Our Services


We care for a variety of pets, including dogs, cats, birds of all types, fish, frogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, turtles, lizards, hens and roosters and are willing to have a go at caring for another variety if you have one as your pet.

We also offer a variety of care, compared with other Pet Care businesses -

Pet Visits                                          At your home

Pet Sitting                                        At your home

Pet Home Boarding                     At Pet Carer's home

Pet Home Day Boarding,

Regular Dog Walking

Transportation of Pet/s


Tracy's Pet Services  Pet Carers can take your dog(s) on a 30 minute or 45 minute walk. This is great for your pets, especially if they are used to walking on a regular basis, to burn off energy (which could cause dysfunctional behaviour) and also is imperative for their health and general wellbeing.

Regular dog walking from 1-5 times a week can be arranged.  We also recommend dog walking when caring for dogs with Pet Minding Visits, Pet Sitting or Pet Boarding.

Dogs can get very bored being home all day & thoroughly enjoy exploring new territory and being out with nature. It is also a great way for dogs to have social interaction and enjoyment in their day, especially if they are by themselves for long periods of time. Exercise helps dog(s) to cope with the stress caused by their owner's absence and to participate in a leisurely activity which will increase their overall wellbeing.

You can pay for 10 sessions of walks at a time and receive a discount.


We are able to provide pets with up to three daily home visits. Most pets enjoy the familiarity of their own environment and tend to be more relaxed when Pet Carers are aware of your pet/s individual routine, which is discussed at the Free No Obligation Consultation. During these visits we spend up to an hour with your pet(s), which includes feeding, refreshing water, poop scooping, basic grooming & small maintenance tasks, such as putting bins in/out, collecting the mail, and watering pot plants etc.
Dogs can be walked for 30 minutes while caring for them and this is very popular with our clients. We also use this time to interact and bond with your pet/s, playing, providing treats & affection, depending on your pets temperment, needs & requirements. We cater our services to each individual client & pet/s, as we understand that like humans, no two pets are the same.


We are able to provide a Pet Sitting service, where we can stay in your home from 4.30pm to 9.30am the next day.  We will return every afternoon at the same time and leave the same time the next morning until the end of the Pet Care.  This care is less stressful  for your pets as they are in their own home and are receiving the attention they are used to receiving,  from the afternoon and night and then in the morning as well. If you have pet(s) which are accustomed to more constant attention, you may prefer this service. Also, if you have an elderly pet with arthritis or other medical or physical difficulties, you may find this service beneficial and more suitable to their needs.  A walk is included in the care and lots of time for pats and affection.


We offer Pet Home Boarding to ensure that we offer the widest range of Pet Care to our clients.  Julita  and Elizabeth do Pet Home Boarding at their home.  Julita resides at Rostrevor and Elizabeth resides at Aldgate.  Individual attention is assured and your pets are given loving attention throughout the whole day.  Only one family of pets are cared for at the one time.  Walks are included in the care of your dog/s.  Julita also washes dog/s boarding with her, prior to them going home.

When Julita and Elizabeth are not doing Pet Home Boarding (24 hour service for required amount of days), they are also available for Pet Home Day Care.


If your pet is on medication, Tracy's Pet Services can administer the prescribed medication.  Julita can also administer insulin injections for diabetic pets.   Brushing of your dog will be provided, as requested by our clients.  Julita also washes the dog/s who board with her, prior to them going home.


In the care of Pets, it is sometimes necessary for us to transport pets to and/or from their care or home, especially in the case of Pet Home Boarding.   We also assist clients that may not be able to transport their pets to the vet - for treatment or for a check up or to the Dog Groomers or any other reason, as required.