Care of Airedales at Belairedale Kennels

 2015:  Update

We have since regularly looked after the Airedale dogs, usually at least once a year. 

Lulu, one of the puppies in the previous article, has now had a litter of 12 puppies of her own! They have all grown since then and been sold.



Janne and Julita shared the care of 3 dogs and 2 puppies that comprise the dogs of Belairedale Kennels in July this year, for 6 days.







Lulu and Evie were then approximately 41/2 months old and were the last 2 puppies in the last litter of pups.

Veronica and Oliver who are the owners and reside at Belair, sent me the lovely photos of Lulu and Evie and advised that Lulu had won the Best Baby Puppy Airedale in August this year (as pictured) at a dog show.

If you would like to contact Veronica or Oliver regarding any queries you may have about their Airedales and when they may be having another litter, their Phone No. is 0422 776 818 or 8339 7479